Monday, December 24, 2012

Fat Guys Aren't Always Jolly - Blogging Advent Calendar 2012

I gotta do something.

With 2013 rapidly approaching, people all over are making New Year’s Resolutions that they are going to break. The most common one is probably “to lose weight”. I rarely make resolutions, but I think this year I will. I think I am going to resolve to get back in game shape.

I have struggled with weight most of my adult life. Usually the more stressed or depressed I get, the heavier I get. Every once in a while I snap out of the funk and start eating healthy and working out and so far when I would do that… I would shed weight like crazy. My issue is that I am an abuser of comfort food and I am incredibly sedentary. Sure I chase after three kids, but outside of that… I am not moving too much.

I sit in the living room watching kids, I drive to work and then I sit at work. If sitting was an Olympic sport, then I would be a gold medal winner.

So my weight is out of control and this is puzzling to me because I have so many other phases of my life in complete control. Why can’t I keep my weight down? It was one of the things I wanted to try and figure out with a shrink a while back, but he was awful.

As the father of a special needs kid I realize the incredible importance in maintaining my health and being around as long as I can. No pun intended, but it weighs on me pretty heavily… OK, the pun was intended. Want a better laugh than a bad pun? If you were to see a picture of me and my parents, you would wonder how my mother gave birth to a person that is my size. Both of my parents are little people. To describe them both as "skinny" would be an insult to skinny people. They are both incredibly thin. I literally way more than my parents combined... by a good 10 pounds.

I make light of being a fat guy a lot. I suppose it is easier than doing the hard work involved in getting myself back in shape. But I have to do it. I have done it 2 or 3 times in the past, but if I do it again, I want it to be the last time. I want to master the difficult task of maintaining my weight and not getting complacent.

My kids deserve it… to be frank, I owe it to them.

I owe it to myself too.

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  1. There was a study out recently where they studied the brain of folks using functional MRI. The depressed peoples' reward centers lit up like Xmas trees when shown comfort foods. I get the feeling my reward center is telling my 'get in shape' center what it can do with itself.