Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Name Dropper - 2012 Blogging Advent Calendar Day 12

There are good days… and then there are GREAT days.

Yesterday was a GREAT day. It didn't start out that way either. The “day” actually started with me getting home to find Bianca restless and not wanting to stay in bed. So we went down to the living room and Bianca partied like a rock star until… 5 a.m. before she finally cuddled up to me and passed out.

It was my wife’s day to wake up with the kids and she told me that Bianca was none too happy about getting up for school after having been asleep for a whole 2 hours. I worried about her being super cranky and lethargic at school, but when I picked her up at the school to take her to therapy, I was told she had a good day.

We went to speech therapy and I got concerned because while we were in the waiting area she started to melt down. Nothing happened that I was aware of; she just got upset, clinched her teeth and charged at me. Then she started to cry and tried to head-butt the chair and me. I figured that the fatigue must have been kicking in. As the therapist walked off with her, I warned her to have her guard up.

When Bianca returned, the therapist said she had a great session until it was time to transition to leave. She was having a good time, and I know Bianca LOVES her therapists so it was not too surprising that she wasn't in the mood to leave. She rarely is. At least she didn't get upset about not going to swim therapy.

We got home and we only had a couple of hours to play because Sofie had her Christmas program at school. So we got snacks, went potty and played around for a while. Bianca was showing no signs of a kid that had only slept for 2 hours the night before. Daddy was dragging though.

So I hopped on the computer to check some email and social media. Bianca came up to me and got between me and the table and started to hug me, so I went to the Word document I had open, and hit enter until I got to a new page, and made the font size really big. I then looked at Bianca and asked, “Bianca. Can you spell your name for me?”… nothing. We have worked on it some. If I ask Bianca to type a letter, she will do it 9 out of 10 times. This time though, I was asking her to recognize the request, and then spell out her name… without my assistance.

I asked her again, “Bianca. Can you spell your name for me please?”

She looked down at the keyboard, and then while saying the letters… proceeded to type her name!! BY HERSELF!!

I was stunned. I didn't know what to do. I heaped a ton of praise on her but I didn't want to freak her out. I clicked over to my Facebook page that was still open and just typed, "YES YES YES!!!!!"

I had to document this… the video camera was in the basement, so I grabbed my phone, started to record, and just HOPED that Bianca could repeat what she just did.

Sure enough…

The REALLY amazing thing to me was that she even typed “MnM” for “M&M’s”!! Sure she fat fingered a few keys and she held on to the letters too long, but she was SPELLING HER NAME!!! By herself. Not hand over hand… by herself!

Progress people… hope… faith… the layers are being peeled. I just can't wait to see what they reveal.

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  1. Thanks for making my morning much brighter, Bianca! I am SO proud of you. Lou, I am sure you have seen it...but if not, you should watch The HBO Documentary entitled A Mother's Courage : Talking Back to Autism. It is amazing to think about all of the wonderful stuff inside Bianca just waiting to be discovered!! Happy Day Indeed!

  2. That's awesome. Tears of happiness!!! :)

  3. oh how i love this. and the smushes at the end? oh, my heart!!!

  4. Wow. just, wow. Good for Bianca, good for you!

  5. Lou, I have been following your blog ever since stumbling upon your "Fixing Autism" video over a year ago. This post today, filled my eyes with tears and my heart with happiness. Way to go Bianca!