Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nataly's Letter

In the wake of Ann Coulter’s unapologetic use of the “R-word” I wanted to share a beautiful letter written by Bianca’s friend Nataly.

Nataly is one of the helpers in Bianca’s dance class. She is an incredibly happy, warm, loving, fun young lady… who just also happens to have Down Syndrome. If you knew Nataly, you would understand that her disability is the least remarkable thing about her.

Here is what Nataly wrote on the Voces de Familia de Indiana Facebook Page, a page that was just started by a few Latino special needs parents in Indiana. First is the original in Spanish, and then I have it translated in English.

Thank you Nataly for being a great role model for ALL kids. You are an inspiration and our family is lucky to know you.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Memory Building

This is really more parenting than autism, but I thought I would share my experience and the thoughts that have come from that moment.
It is 2:30 AM and I find myself lying in bed and watching Ghostbusters... it is funny how our memory works. Every time I see this movie, I remember a really happy moment in my childhood. One that helped to shape me into the father I am today.