Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Twas the night.. Blogging Advent Calendar Day 24

Christmas Eve… the big day for us.

We put the tree up and decorate on Christmas Eve, then spend the evening with our family at one of my brother-in-laws house. The kids usually fall asleep in the car on the way back home, so after we carry them off to bed “Santa” finishes any last minute gift wrapping and takes all of the presents out of hiding and places them under the tree.

The highlight for me is usually playing Santa at the family gathering. I started doing it the Christmas after Bianca was born. She is a November baby, so when her first Christmas came around she was only like 6 weeks old and so was her little cousin. Playing Santa allowed for both of them to get a picture with the jolly elf for their first Christmas. They family has expanded at an incredible rate and 7 years later, there are now 13 kids ages 7 and under so Santa is now a big hit. The adults in the family like it as well because Santa works a little “blue”.

Bianca is a challenge at these family events because she is running all over with one of us right behind. We are in constant fear that she is going to go outside without us noticing. Unlike at home where we have the place on lockdown, my in-law’s house is your typical home with lots of possible points of escape. Plus if you take into account the number of people going in and out, at any moment Bianca could walk out of the house. So my mom, my wife and I trade off chasing after her to lighten the load.

This year it was all about cookies. She wanted to hit the cookie tray every few minutes. She eats so well that I always feel bad having to limit her on something like cookies when she gets in one of these moods.

I have to admit though, Bianca is a lucky girl. Her extended family really loves her. Even if they don’t quite understand the exact dynamic and how she ticks, they love her and I know that she feels it.

I am thankful for them and the way they look out for her. I am thankful for another year of incredible achievements. 2012 has been really good to us. I am just wishing for an even better 2013. I hope that doesn't make me greedy. I just know that Bianca has so much potential. I can’t wait to see what advances she makes!

Time to watch A Christmas Story and devour the cookies and milk that Sofie left for Santa.

Merry Christmas to you. I wish you all a holiday filled with love, acceptance, peace and tranquility.... and most of all, lots and lots of milestones.

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