Monday, December 24, 2012

Autism Shining - Blogging Advent Calendar 2012

Do you want to feel good? I mean REALLY good? Need a pick-me-up? Want to have your insides get so warm and fuzzy inside that you feel like you could just burst?

Then you really need to check out the Autism Shines Facebook Page … I mean really. Like now.

Started to “show the world all the positive attributes of autism” the Facebook page encourages you to upload a picture of yourself or somebody you love with autism and share the wonderful things you know about them… and people have responded.

The joy it gives me to scroll through smiling face after smiling face is immeasurable and just what the doctor ordered.

If you feel so inclined, please share a photo and participate. Think of how wonderful it would be for a parent of a newly diagnosed child to stumble upon that page as they searched for answers.

Here is my contribution… 

If you have not already, please take time to watch my videos, "Fixing" Autism and Autism Awareness with Nichole337 and share them with your friends.

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