Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nataly's Letter

In the wake of Ann Coulter’s unapologetic use of the “R-word” I wanted to share a beautiful letter written by Bianca’s friend Nataly.

Nataly is one of the helpers in Bianca’s dance class. She is an incredibly happy, warm, loving, fun young lady… who just also happens to have Down Syndrome. If you knew Nataly, you would understand that her disability is the least remarkable thing about her.

Here is what Nataly wrote on the Voces de Familia de Indiana Facebook Page, a page that was just started by a few Latino special needs parents in Indiana. First is the original in Spanish, and then I have it translated in English.

Thank you Nataly for being a great role model for ALL kids. You are an inspiration and our family is lucky to know you.

Voces de Familia de Indiana

Hola me llamo Nataly, tengo Sindrome de Down, tengo 47 cromosomas en vez de 46. Tengo un cromosoma extra en el par 21.

Algunas personas piensan que personas con discapacidades no tenemos sentimientos, eso es mentira. Puedes herir nuestros sentimientos facilmente. Algunos de mis amigos no se pueden comunicar porque no hablan, aunque no hablen tambien tienen sentimientos.

Tambien te quiero decir que antes de discapacidad somos personas, podemos reir llorar y nos sentimos orgullosos cuando logramos nuestras metas , tengo discapacidad pero tambien tengo muchas habilidades.

Hablo Ingles y Español, puedo leer, escribir, cocinar, hornear y mas, estoy en segundo año de preparatoria, soy cadete en la tropa de niñas. Era porrista en la secundaria, antes de que tuviera un accidente y me fracturara la rodilla y me rompiera un ligamento. Despues de que tuviera mi accidente estuve en silla de ruedas por 6 meses, pero ahora me siento mejor y puedo volver hacer todo lo que me gusta.

Me gusta cantar y bailar, estoy tomando clases de baile,les ayudo a los niños pequeños en clase de baile. Me gusta cuidar a los niños cuando los padres se encuentran en reuniones. Me encanta participar en los recitales.

Te puedes fijar? Somos gente como tu! Te invito a que trabajemos juntos para crear actitudes positivas hacia personas con discapacidades. Juntos podemos lograr un mundo mejor y eso solo lo puedo lograr si tu me ayudas.

Voices of Indiana Families

Hello my name is Nataly, I have Down Syndrome, I have 47 chromosomes instead of 46. I have an extra chromosome on the 21st pair.

Some people think that people with disabilities don’t have feelings, but that is a lie. You can easily hurt our feelings. Some of my friends can’t communicate because they cannot talk, but even though they don’t talk they also have feelings.

I also want to tell you that the disabled are people first, we can laugh cry and we feel proud when we achieve our goals, I have a disability but I also have many abilities.

I speak English and Spanish, I can read, write, cook, bake and more. I am a high school sophomore, I am a Cadette in the Girl Scouts. I was a cheerleader in my high school before I had an accident and fractured my knee and broke a ligament. After I had my accident, I was in a wheelchair for six months, but now I feel better and I can again do everything that I like again.

I like to sing and dance, I am taking dance lessons, I am a helper for the little kids dance class. I like to watch kids when their parents are in meetings. I love to participate in recitals.

Can you see? We are people like you! I invite you to work together to create positive attitudes towards people with disabilities. Together we can make a better world, but I can only do it if you help me.

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