Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Father's Day Celebration: Members Only

For this post, I would like to pay tribute and thank all the fathers out there that love their autistic children unconditionally. This is for the dads that have what it takes to be a real man and stand by your family and take your vows seriously. This is for the dads that don’t run from their child being different, and for those that may just now be coming to the realization that they are entering a club that they had no plans on joining.

For many in a marriage, an autism diagnosis can be placed in the “worse” column of “for better or for worse”, but with patience and communication you can survive. Don’t bottle up your fears. Tell your wife, your friends, or share them with others in a blog and you will free yourself of the many burdens you are trying to shoulder and find strength in numbers.

You know that you are the father of an autistic child when:
  •  You know exactly what your child is saying even though she has never said it… EVER.
  • You go to visit your friends who have children and they apologize for how their kids are behaving, yet you never even noticed.
  • You have ever worn more of your child’s food then he has eaten, and he is 6.
  • You have ever tried “stimming” just to see what it is all about.
  • Using just your peripheral vision, you can snag crayons from your child’s hand before they go in the mouth.
  • You are on a plane with a crying child... and don't even notice.
  • You see a kid being a complete terror at the grocery store and you do not judge.
  • You have been punched in the face by your child and instead of getting angry, you laugh it off.
  • Your child saying, “I love you” even if by echolalia makes you feel like you are the king of the world.
  • You have eaten a family dinner in the dark on several occasions.
  • You have shared belly laughs with a child that you have no reason as to why they are laughing.
  • You have been given every crackpot theory about what causes autism and what will make your child better, and have kept yourself from going insane.
  • Your child has taught you greater patience, understanding, empathy & compassion than you ever thought possible.

Got any more out there? Go ahead and lay them on me! 
Join in the fun and let’s celebrate! You guys deserve it! 

If you have not already, please take time to watch my videos, "Fixing" Autism and Autism Awareness with Nichole337 and share them with your friends.

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  1. Found your blog from your "Fixing" Autism video.... It was very powerful, and speaks for a lot of people. I am a special education teacher, and fight a few of the same battles- but as a mother, I wanted to say thanks. Thanks for the blog to share your small wins, and thanks for your involvement and advocacy.

  2. Likewise I found your blog via your "Fixing" video and I just had to ask you if you have tried the crackpot theory of going gluten and dairy free?

    See for example for pointers and testimonials that diet has at least some influence for at least some people...

    While I don't know anyone with autism, I had some pretty big health improvements just by changing my diet to Paleo/Primal and I wish I had known years earlier so I try to spread the message.

  3. I'm really liking your blog, and I too was directed to you from that "fixing autism" video. Your posts are very inspiring.
    I answered yes to all those questions... well put.

  4. Hello, I found your site through your video as well. My husband and I are behavior therapists and have answered yes to almost all of your questions as well. The highlight of our day is having one of our clients saying their first word (sometimes af the age of 5) or those looks and/or meaningful smiles directed right at you). Your site is so informative and helpful, ill be recommending it to many of the families I work with. Thank you and best of luck.