Monday, July 23, 2012

A Scarborough Affair

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I feel sick... I am in the middle of writing about the Autism Speaks Leadership Conference, and took a moment to check out a few of my favorite Autism pages to find speaking of Joe Scarborough of MSNBC associating the horrible events in Colorado with Autism Spectrum Disorder.Please check out the link and watch Mr. Scarborough's comments.

Joe Scarborough should be ASHAMED of himself!!! Associating homicidal maniacs with people on the spectrum without a shred of proof when HE HAS A CHILD ON THE SPECTRUM!?!?

Does the Colorado shooting really need to be sensationalized Mr. Scarborough? Isn't it horrible enough as it is? Do you think that it needed to be “punched up” by adding autism to the mix? What are you thinking Joe? On a platform such as yours you spew out such misinformation? I understand that you were speculating, but in today’s day and age, how long before that speculative comment becomes fact!?!? Do you really think that the mouth breathing, let TV do thinking for me types that watch your show are going to take the time to consider that you have no basis for your comments? No… they will accept them as fact.

Not only do you suggest without any sort of knowledge that James Holmes, the suspect in the Colorado Theater shooting spree, is on the “autism scale” but you go on to suggest that “more often than not” socially mal-adjusted maniac killers are autistics. Where is the basis of your information? In the history of these horrible shootings, how many were on the Autism SPECTRUM? More than half you say? Sorry… I call bullshit.

Aren’t bath salts “IN” right now? Couldn’t you have brought that up? Maybe he was from a broken home? I bet that was it! Perhaps he was bullied! That is why he did it! Maybe he just broke up with a girl and was distraught or got a bad grade? Maybe he was just a bad guy? Any of these would be just as credible as bringing up autism as a viable reason for why a guy snaps and uses tear gas and 3 weapons to attack a bunch of innocent people at a Batman movie.

Apparently the reason you feel you do about healthcare is because you fear a bunch of killer autistics would be on the loose? When doing a story on successful people in Silicon Valley have you ever stopped to speculate publicly on the air that it might be because they are on the “autism scale”? It would be just as baseless.

My blood is boiling. Scarborough has set back autism awareness on a massive scale unless we as a community repudiate thoughtless comments such as these. What the hell is the "Autism Scale" anyway? Does it read pounds, or is it metric?

Are you devoid of any journalistic integrity Joe? Do you not understand that your words carry weight? When a police officer responds to a call and has to deal with an autistic, what do you think is going to be running around in their mind when talking heads start equating people with autism to murderers? They will never hear the apology that I am certain is about to come; only that according to your lies, “more often than not” these homicidal maniacs are on the “autism” scale. It is words such as yours that put autistics in danger and alienate them more and more from the neuro-typical world.

At least 50 Cent was trying to be funny.

Here are some comments from a few noted autistics and blog posts from around the web concerning this very topic...

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